Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm back.... sort of

Wow, I can't believe how much time has lapsed since I blogged last. There must be a name in cyber speak for us bloggers that just stop blogging. I would love to know that name, must be a funny one. My dad has taken ill and it has consumed much of my free time. Time that includes working with the shelter dogs. I am heart broken about it but I don't have any options right now. My Luke has been adopted. I am thrilled about this. I am sorry I was not able to meet the family but from what I understand they have another dog that got along well with Luke as well as a child. I hope he is doing well. I haven't heard anything so I will assume that no news is good news. If I do hear I will be sure to write and let you all know.
Romin is still waiting. Romin came to the SPCA walkathon with me in early May. He spent the whole day and was a very good boy. He met lots of people, including children as well as little dogs who he was very appropriate with. It was a long day for him but good for me to see him in this environment. Romin needs a quiet home with people who are willing to give him the time and nurturing he needs to be able to develop his confidence and lessen the anxiety that is always with him. I hope to be back to the shelter soon to continue to work with Romin and help him find his way out.

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  1. I think the word for a website that is on break is "hiatus."

    I have seen pictures of Romin and would absolutely love to adopt him if I didn't live in such a small apartment. He deserves a loving home with room to roam. Hopefully he has found his forever home by now?